Ayurveda, Doshas and Dinacharya

January 15th 10-12:30pm
$65 per person

Ignite Sadhana 21 Tanner Street Suite 1 Haddonfield NJ
Discover the best daily practices for wellbeing of mind and body.

What is Ayurveda, in sanskrit Ayur is the word for life and Veda is the word for science or knowledge, simply put it is the study of, or the science of life. Ayurveda gives us a beautiful framework within which to create harmony of body and mind through doshas and dinacharya.
Learn what your individual constitution or dosha is, where it is imbalanced and how to address it.
Learn the wheel of daily practices or dinachary.
You will get detailed information on three main fronts : physical practices, esoteric practices and nutritional practices. Bring your notebooks and an open mind


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