Breathwork Workshop: A Journey Within

When: October 23rd 2PM – 5PM

Where: 21 Tanner St, Haddonfield, NJ 08033

💫 A Journey Within 💫

A Journey Within is a way to move inward, and release any suppressed energy and emotions. Think of it as an energetic detox. It will guide the breather into a deep non-ordinary state of consciousness, which allows a trance-like awareness to flow throughout the experience. The Journey’s foundation lies with accelerated breathing and evocative music, which can ease the typical psychological defenses that are at play in daily life. This can lead unconscious energy to the surface to be experienced and released. The Breather may have energy emerge from past memories, the inception of one’s creation, and even past life experiences.
The Journey utilizes the decrease in carbon dioxide within the body, caused by the fast paced-continuous breathing. This is known as respiratory alkalosis. This is what allows the breather to reach the realms that need reaching, in order to integrate the emotions and energy that may be suppressed. Some of these realms may involve new insights that influence the integration of unresolved experiences. The tools that The Journey utilizes have been presented throughout human history. The techniques and methods used in moving one’s experience inward is a co-creation of what humanity has been working with in bringing their awareness to their highest Self.
✨ What To Expect
To start, there will be a half hour of informative and insightful lecture. The Journey is an hour and a half long. Following the breathwork is a personal, creative, and self involved integration exercise. We close with a sharing circle for those feeling the call to express their experience. During the integration and throughout the breathwork, we will support breathers through one on ones, energy work, and assists with the breathing.
The Breather may experience physical releases within The Journey. These can and may include crying, laughing, coughing, spitting, gagging, vomiting, involuntary muscle contractions, tensions, tremors, jolts, and spasms. Among these many symptoms of The Journey, one can and may experience deep relaxation and bliss. Other experiences that may arise from The Journey are talking in various ways, chanting, moving like an animal (crawling, slithering, flying, etc.), or reverting to infant-like movements.
✨ The Facilitators
Eric Bauberger is a Holistic Life Coach and Motivational Singer-Songwriter. He is Mastery Method Certified as well as Certified Strengthening and Conditioning Specialist. Through a variety of practical tools, Eric guides self-aware individuals to tune their minds and bodies by creating ease and flow towards their most authentic selves.
Kim, compelled to empower others in the innate ability to heal themselves, created a space at their home to provide meditation, energy work, and various workshop gatherings. Through their journey with intuitive energy work, Kim has embodied an offering of love and support to those that experience these gatherings. They believe initiating a fundamental practice of meditation in one’s life can express itself in many supportive ways. With mindfulness practices and compassionate acceptance, they hope to empower others in experiencing inner awareness and wellness.
✨ The Vibe
This a space for love, support, and acceptance of everyone, their shares, and their experiences. The 3 hours we will have together may look different to each person. We are here to support the journey within each person, whatever that looks like 💞.
>> No advice giving
>> Confidentiality
We advise to continue your day in softness and ease after the workshop is over. Being in nature, creative arts, writing, and musical arts is encouraged to continue integrating the experience. We encourage smaller, deep rooted, supportive intimate groups/person(s), in the event that one has the desire for connection following the workshop.
✨ Precautions
Many will benefit from The Journey, and some may need to proceed with caution. If you consider yourself a part of any of the below conditions, this may not be the breathwork for you at this time.
>Cardiovascular Disorders/History of Heart Attack/Heart Disease
>Detached Retina
>High or abnormal blood pressure
>Kidney disease
>Family/Personal History of Aneurysms
>Epilepsy, History of seizures, Convulsive Disorders, Grand Mal Epilepsy
>Anyone on heavy medication
>Severe psychiatric symptoms, particularly psychosis or paranoia
>An active addiction
>Any person with mental illness who isn’t in treatment or lacks adequate support
>Severe Mental Disorders (including history of Panic attacks, Psychosis, Bipolar, Depression, or other similar experiences that may have/did have to require psychiatric hospitalization)
>Recent Physical Injury/Surgery/Operations (if one is in physical recovery/herniated disks/bone fractures/wounds/etc.)
>Contagious Disease/Illness/Virus/Etc
>History of Breathing Problems Such as Asthma
>Anyone experiencing an emotional or spiritual crisis
✨ Registration Process
This is a first-come first-serve basis of registration. Spots will not be held or guaranteed. This is an intimate Journey, and we will be capping this workshop at 12 people.
✨ What To Bring
This is an intimate Journey, please dress comfortably. You will need to bring a yoga mat (and something comfy to lay on), blanket(s), pillow(s), change of clothes (may not be needed), water, any foods (recommend fresh whole foods) for after The Journey, and please bring a notebook and pencil 📝.
✨ Doors will be promptly closed at the start time listed. Please arrive prior to the start time, or you will not be able enter the space. If you arrive late, you will not be able to attend, and no refund will be given.
✨ Refunds: For whatever reason, payment is made, and you cannot attend, a refund of 50% is given. Anything less then 24 hours notice, no refund is given.
😷 If you have any symptoms of illness, please stay home.
Peace 🙏💗