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Ignite Sadhana Joins Haduko Academy For Weekly Classes

Ignite Sadhana is joining forces with Haduko Academy to build community with the intention of providing multiple modalities to strengthen the mind/body connection!  We will be offering weekly breath and ice sessions, kundalini, vinyasa, sound healing and more.  

Upcoming Retreats

Ignite Sadhana has two upcoming retreats   

Join us for the opportunity to dive into your Wim Hof practice and deepen the connection to your inner self.  

Winter 2022 (December) – Denmark, Maine 

Spring 2022 (March)  –  Denmark, Maine

Our MIsson

We all share a common experience in this human journey, where we are searching for meaning. While sifting through endless potential versions of ourselves in the modern world, we can become overwhelmed. Our mission is to provide the spark needed for transformation. Through a variety of disciplines, we hope to facilitate that conversation with the deeper self. Sadhana literally translates, “a means of accomplishing something” but represents a spiritual exercise with the goal of finding one’s ultimate expression in his or her reality. Through ancient breath practice, use of the elements, asana, modern exercise techniques, and, ultimately, pushing the body, mind and spirit to its limits, we unleash and IGNITE a power and purpose to carry us forward to our next challenge.

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