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 Our app offers a unique blend of guided breathwork sessions designed to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. Explore a range of breathing exercises, from invigorating Upregulating techniques to serene Downregulating practices, including exclusive Wim Hof Method sessions. 

Our MIsson

We all share a common experience in this human journey, where we are searching for meaning. While sifting through endless potential versions of ourselves in the modern world, we can become overwhelmed. Our mission is to provide the spark needed for transformation. Through a variety of disciplines, we hope to facilitate that conversation with the deeper self. Sadhana literally translates, “a means of accomplishing something” but represents a spiritual exercise with the goal of finding one’s ultimate expression in his or her reality. Through ancient breath practice, use of the elements, asana, modern exercise techniques, and, ultimately, pushing the body, mind and spirit to its limits, we unleash and IGNITE a power and purpose to carry us forward to our next challenge.


Upcoming Events/Retreats

Join our Ignite Sadhana workshops/ retreats for the opportunity to dive into your Wim Hof practice and deepen the connection to your inner self.  

Retreats: Leenaun, Ireland – January 2024 


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Learn and experience the 3 Pillars to the Wim Hof Method: Breath, Cold Exposure, Mindset.  During this 4 hour workshop you will be given all the information on the Wim Hof Method necessary to developing a daily personal practice.  Be guided through the logic behind the method, science and application before experiencing the breath work, cold exposure and mindset first hand.  A yoga mat and blanket make for comfortable additions to this workshop along with a bathing suit, towel and water bottle.  Inquire about our advanced WHM workshops for more information on brown fat activation, power breathing and deep cold exposure.

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Kundalini Yoga + WHM breathwork + Sound Healing

Kundalini is the oldest physical form of yoga practice. Come experience kriyas (classes) that use breath work, mudra, focus, mantras to move energy in a specific way in your body, elevating you to a meditative state.  In this 2 hour workshop we move from kundalini to WHM breath work while introducing the use of sound bowls to align your energy.  Comfortable clothing, yoga mat, blanket and water bottle are great to have along for this experience.

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breath work

While our favorite type of breath work is the Wim Hof Method style, we have broadened our horizons to various types of healing bath practices including oxygen advantage, buteyko, transformational journeys and Soma breath work.  We offer breath work events and trainings focused solely on using simple breath techniques to modulate the nervous system, cure chronic diseases (such as asthma and also apnea), and optimize stress management. These techniques can be added to other modalities to create a deeper experience. For any breath work, it is great to have a mat, blanket, water bottle and feel comfortable during the session.

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fire walking

Firewalking is an age old tradition, challenging the mind and your relationship to fear.  During this 2 hour event we burn a large (150-200 log) fire down to coals.  Fire can be made big & tall or low & long to accommodate for all outdoor environments.  During the 2 hour burn we can incorporate other modalities such as ice baths, breath work, yoga or live music.  At the 2 hour mark when the coals are nice and glowing hot, we rake out a 8-12’ fire lane, line up, set our intention and gracefully walk over hot coals, conquering fear and safely making it, unburnt, to the other side.  After everyone has a chance to walk we make a large circle of coals and allow people to walk diagonally, circles, multiplies at a time and have fun!  Dress comfortably and limit loose clothing around the ankles.  

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Power Yoga

We have been teaching forms of Hatha yoga (power vinyasa, sculpt, hot power fusion) for as long as we have been teachers.  When we are not guiding students through flows at a local yoga studio, we integrate yoga into our weekend and week-long retreats.  It is also a great add-on for any workshop. 





Our Services

breath + Ice + Sauna

Growing the fastest in popularity is our Breath + Ice + SAUNA events.  During this 2 hour workshop we invite our participants to a quiet yoga space where we do group WHM breath work for the first hour followed by an hour of ice baths and sauna.  We team up with Steam on Wheels, a sauna company, to have a wood-burning sauna trailer delivered to the location of our choice.  Participants spend an hour going from one of our multiple ice baths to the roasting hot sauna and back until completely rinsed out.  Comfortable clothing, yoga mat, blanket, bathing suit and water bottle are all you need to have fun! 

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