animal flow

This is Animal Flow

Animal Flow is ground based movement, made fun, challenging and effective. This system is designed to improve strength power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you want to workout on your own, train with a professional, or take part in group classes, Animal Flow has something for every body!

The Six Components

Animal Flow includes a range of movements and combinations that are grouped into categories we call the “Six Components.” Each Component is designed to elicit specific results. The Six Components can be mixed and matched in many ways, allowing you to incorporate one, some, or all of them in your workouts.

Wrist Mobilizations

Wrist mobilizations are simple yet effective movements used to prepare the hands and wrists for the challenges of Animal Flow. Healthy wrists are so important to the success of both novice and experienced flow-ists, that it’s always our first component.


Our activations are a way of “waking up” the body and encouraging it to communicate. The AF practice uses two activation positions, Beast and Crab, which are foundational forms in the overall program

Form Specific Stretches

FSS are full body stretches that begin in a base animal position and then move through various ranges of motion. The goal of the FSSs is to encourage a combination of flexibility and stability (i.e. mobility) throughout the entire body, building “strength through motion.”

Traveling Forms

Traveling forms are our animal locomotion movements. They represent the way we mimic animals to improve the function of the Human Animal. We group these forms into the ABCs of animal movements: Ape, Beast, and Crab, along with their variations.

Switches & Transitions

The S&Ts make up the bulk of the “flow” in the AF practice. These are dynamic movements that can be linked together to form endless combinations, or can stand alone as a powerful exercise or drill. The four base S&T categories are Underswitch, Side Kickthrough, Scorpion and Front Kickthrough.


Flows are where all of the AF components come together. Flows can be performed in many ways, but there are 3 main styles: Choreographed; Call-Outs; and Free Flow. The potential combinations within each style are almost endless.